How you NEED to approach your marketing in 2020

Let’s say your business sells drill bits. They’re your passion, and that’s awesome!

But whether you sell the best damn drill bit on the market or a $1 drill bit, the best way to sell your drill bit is not to talk about the drill bit itself. You need to talk about the human need that it solves.

Put simply, you need to be put the emotion into drill bits!

Allow me to explain.

Nobody wants a three-quarter drill bit. At least, not simply to own one. Your customer wants it for the three quarter inch hole that it makes.

But more than that, they just don’t want the hole in their wall that it makes either. The customer wants that hole so they can accomplish something. Perhaps to put up a shelf on their living room wall.

And that shelf is just a way of storing things, which in turn is just a way to make your customer’s home look tidy.

Why do they want their home to look tidy?

It could be so that they feel in control of their environment.

It could be so that they are admired by their friends and family for their beautiful, tidy home.

Perhaps a bit of both.

Basically, they never wanted the drill bit. Your customer wants control, safety, satisfaction or respect. These are uniquely human and often fundamental needs.

So when you’re marketing your product or service in 2020, you need to drill deeper (wow if you are a powertool company this article is really going to speak to you).

Consider what the problem you are solving is. Ask yourself if there is a deeper problem being solved within that problem. And finally, what need is at the core of solving that problem for your customer.

Speak directly to this need using the PASO content method in your marketing and website copy – and watch as your sales explode!