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If you’re seeking an expert to take your business to

the next level – our Google Ads team can help!

If you’re seeking an expert to take your business to the next level – our Google Ads team can help!

google ads with the end
result firmly in mind.

Hello there, and welcome to our Google Ads page! You’re probably expecting the same old spiel offered by every other agency right now, aren’t you?

Guess again!
Nope – we’re not going to bore with any of that. You’ve heard it all before.
In fact, we’re going to be so bold as to say that you’re not even really here for Google Ads.
You don’t REALLY want Google Ads.
Nope – you’re here because you have a big, hairy, audacious goal for your business, or you’ve got a problem you need solving.
And we think we know know what they are.

If you’re here and you’re the owner of a business turning over at least $1M

you’re likely looking to grow your business to become bigger and more profitable – faster (well, as fast as reasonably possible) – and you want to be able to leave the day to day tasks of making this a reality to someone you can trust.

If you’re here and you’re a marketing manager

you might be here because you want a reliable way to supply your sales team with a reliable volume of qualified leads or appointments (and to be able to scale it up or down as they need) – and by bringing in these leads, you know it’s going to make you look damn good.

And if you’re here and you’re a Head of Sales

you might be here because you’ve been forced out of necessity to wear the hat of a Marketing Manager. Maybe your company doesn’t yet have a Marketing team, or they’ve really been dropping the ball when it comes to feeding your sales team the kind of leads they need to simply do their job!

So while you don’t necessarily WANT Google Ads campaigns and an expert team to run them – you’ve decided they’re exactly what you NEED.
Great call.
Google Ads is our personal favourite digital marketing channel (and should be yours too) for one simple reason.

Google Ads generates leads, sales
and new revenue. on demand.

That’s because Google Advertising uses INTENT.

With Google Ads, you only show your ad to somebody who is searching for your product or service right here and right now.

So, we want to show you why we’re your go-to team for Google Advertising.

Read on below to find some of the common problems you may have experienced (or be experiencing right now), and how our team here at ensemble solve that problem for you.
This is the most common issue we hear from our new clients.

We receive calls each and every week from businesses with an outsourced Google ads agency who isn’t cutting it in one of the following ways:

  • They’re not proactive.
  • You’re not sure you’re getting value
  • You feel you spend more time in conflict with them when you should be on the same team
Well, no longer!

Our strategy for your Google Ads account is defined by proactivity at it’s very core. We analyse your account daily to ensure it is performing strongly and on a growth trajectory. If not, we get to work to make sure it is by tomorrow.

Before we start working together, we will have identified our key areas of focus for the first three months. This is the most critical period for your Google Ads account. We will have identified areas of opportunity, areas where you are wasting spend or missing out on being in the consumer conversation entirely and we get you there. After that, we work with you to define a 6-12 month plan for your ads account, including goals, focus metrics and seasonal or promotional campaigns to be run.

Twice per month, each and every month, we will call you walk you through exactly what we’ve seen in our daily analyses (the good and the bad), what we’ve done in response, and what we’re doing next. You’ll also have the opportunity to give us your feedback, and whenever we need to change things up, we do. Fast. 

Let us be straight with you. Buying lists and cold calling or emailing is a low percentage play.

You could be burning what may have been otherwise great, high quality leads by treating them with a cookie cutter approach. Or, you may be wasting way too much of your own or your team’s time just to close a couple of deals or sales. Scraping or mining leads to cold contact may seem like a cheap way to get in front of people, but it could be hurting your brand (or your email deliverability).

And if you are having some success – fantastic! You must truly have a great product or service and an awesome knack for selling it.

But that most likely means that you COULD be spending less time and effort for an even greater volume of sales by using an inbound lead generation method like Google Ads – where the customer comes to you and feels like they are making their own decision, instead of being sold to on a cold call.

Perhaps you’ve been using a “three quotes” type of provider? You know, that company who cold called or emailed YOU to offer you leads that are sent to just three providers – all for just $10-$50.

In reality, these leads are not only low quality, but they’re often going to MANY more than the two other providers like you were promised.

The ensemble solution: 

We aren’t a third party provider. We’re your external marketing team.

A third party provider owns all their marketing assets – the ads, the website and even the leads. They just sell them to you. You often have no idea how these leads are generated and what they might be saying to them – and if ever you cancel, even the good work they have done all goes away.

When you work with ensemble, you OWN IT ALL. You own the Google Ads account – we just work in it. You pay for the ads – we just manage them for you. It’s your words, your website and your business – we work with you to turn what you do best into effective marketing messaging to be used in Google Ads headlines, descriptions, calls to action and landing page copy. And if ever you want to take the Ads back in-house – go ahead! We’ll complete any strategies we are working on and hand back the account.

Maybe it’s worked well and and you want to take it to the next level? That’s what we do!

Our best and quickest results are achieved when we work with a business that has a truly great product or service, and they know how to sell and they’ve taken their own marketing to a point where it is decently converting into new business each and every month.

Why these businesses come to us is because they know they have reached their ceiling. They know that Google Ads isn’t their passion and isn’t how they want to nor should spend their days. They know that through our years of experience managing thousands of Google Ads accounts – we are the team that can take what is working well and make it GREAT. We’re talking about getting more leads, for less and less each month.

Or maybe you’re just not even sure if it’s been working or not.

Often, we work with a business that has a truly great product or service, and they know how to sell it – but what they don’t know is how to run and measure an effective Google Ads strategy!

By giving us the green light to come out of the blocks all guns blazing in your Google ads account, in addition to giving you access, you will immediately see how running and measuring a high converting Google Ads strategy looks like. Most importantly, before we ever set a single ad that we have created or optimised live, we implement conversion tracking that helps us and you to be able to see exactly which campaign, keyword or ad is adding exactly how many leads, sales and revenue to your business.

Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past.

A freelancer or agency let you down, charging you weekly or monthly for seemingly nothing.

Or you can’t shake the memory of that one time you ran some Google Ads, and it seemed like you were flushing money down the drain.

If Google Ads hasn’t worked well in the past for your business, and you NEED it to start working to feed your team with leads and sales – that’s what we do.

We have developed a number of unique strategies across Google Search and Google Display that are proven to decrease your costs while maintaining or even improving the quality of the traffic reaching your website.

And the result?

More high quality traffic for less = more high quality leads = more sales = WIN.

And when you win, we win.

We treat your business as if it is our business, and we are right there with you in the elation we feel when our work results in your success.

And of course, when you are crushing it in sales because of our work – we know we’ll be working together for years to come and that’s good for the both of us!

the ensemble media solution

If you are looking to grow your business and get more qualified leads through your own marketing channels, dramatically increasing leads, sales and revenue…
You are in the right place.

After just a one hour Digital Discovery Session with us, we are typically able to identify a number of areas where we can improve your Google Ads strategy and 2X, 5X or even 10X your results within just months. We look for and suggest strategies for your biggest areas of opportunity, such as:
+ where you’re underperforming in your campaigns
+ where you’re overspending or underspending (this is more common than you’d think!)
+ or even where you’re completely missing out
Before you even say YES to working with us, we put together a personalised, growth optimised Google Ads strategy for your business based on your goals, and run through this with you in detail in a Strategy Call.
Once you do give us the green light and we begin our partnership together, we quickly move to implement our identified optimisations and new campaigns. This often requires aggressive daily or weekly optimisations for the first 1-3 months.
When we have your Google Ads on a solid, sustainable growth trajectory, we then work with you to develop a 6 – 12 month strategy for your Google Ads, including goals and timeframes to add in more budget and campaigns to scale your results, as well as specific seasonal or promotional campaigns.

why else should you choose ensemble?

Google Ads Experts
google ads experts

Google advertising is our bread and butter at ensemble. We have worked for over 500 clients in a variety of industries, including legal, accounting, trades, fitness, hospitality and eCommerce.

certified google partners

We have been recognised by Google for our results for our clients. Being a Google Partner means that we have direct access to support for your account and the confidence that you are working with the best of the best.

starting from just $650 per month

Have your Google advertising done right the first time around and reap the benefits week after week after week.

What our google ads service includes


we devise the perfect strategy for your business based on your industry, budget and best practice from our years of experience.

campaign creation

we build or rebuild your entire google ads account & google ads management including optimising your old campaigns and setting up conversion tracking to best optimise our results.


we check and work on your account DAILY, ensuring that we analyse your data to understand where we are seeing wins and how we can maximise them.


our optimisation strategies are proven to reduce your wasted spend and quickly turn your marketing spend into more and more return on investment.


we also ensure to maintain any campaigns, keywords or ads that are converting, so as to ensure that we keep what we earn even as we strive for further growth.


transparency is high on our list of priorities (unlike many other agencies). we ensure you always have access to your accounts and give you fortnightly updates and comprehensive monthly reports.


Trusted by

I've been working with ensemble media for almost a year now across my two psychology practices and my online business - and I can't thank them enough for all their work. I have always run Google ads through an agency and never seen many extra bookings. But my bookings have now DOUBLED in the last year alone! If you're looking for a high converting website and expert management of Google Ads and SEO, I highly recommend ensemble.

Dr. Yuliya Richard Principal Psychologist | Blue Horizon Counselling

Our company have been working with ensemble media for approximately 6 months and we have achieved amazing results as a result of SEO work in that time. They have also helped to set up our digital marketing campaign and have taken a whole lot of stress out of the process for us. We would highly recommend ensemble if you are looking for results, service and a team that really cares.

Melinda Jennison Founder | Streamline Property Buyers

Where do I start, Alex is such a pleasure to work with, I am so thankful for his recommendations with businesses and his web design is out of this world. He commits all the time he has day/night to finish my deadlines and goes above and beyond for his clients. I have seen a huge increase in profit just from working with Alex and I will continue working on many projects with him in future. If you need any web design, Google Ads or SEO - get in touch with Alex at ensemble media!

Amy Williams Founder | LashXtend & Lash Prodigy

Since removing website development from our service offering, we needed to find developer we could trust to send all our enquiry to. Alex and his team are building brilliant world class websites and together with their digital marketing service suite, we know our customers are in the best hands.

Laura Kelly Director | Cybertel

Right from the first Get In Touch enquiry I completed, ensemble media have been extremely responsive to the needs of my business, Break Through Bullying, to ensure that the site created met all the requirements. The media and marketing campaign is essential to getting your business out there - ensemble media are best placed to do this! Thank you Alex for all of your work – much appreciated!

Mel Graham Founder | Break Through Bullying

no lock in contracts. ever.

Take no risk – reap all the reward.

We don’t do contracts at ensemble media – because we’ve never needed to!
All of our Day 1 Clients are still with us, because they don’t have to work with us – THEY WANT TO.
We’ve never done contracts, because we’ve seen what it’s like out there. Every agency wants to lock you into a long term contract for 6-12 months, guaranteeing their income but guaranteeing you NOTHING.

Because we don’t do contracts, we are totally accountable to you and to our work each and every month. And we relish it!

No longer will you consistently find yourself in conflict with your agency. You probably had better luck getting blood from a stone than getting your old agency on the phone, let alone getting a report.
No longer will you be forced to sit down every 3, 6 or 12 months, asking them to justify WHY you should sign yet another 6 or 12 month contract when the results just haven’t been there.
We work on a month to month basis with just 30 days notice for cancellation. And through our fortnightly calls and monthly reports, you can see and decide for yourself if we are doing our job. And we always are.

Our Google Ads Packages

  • 650 $ monthly
    • LOCAL
    • Our LOCAL package typically includes hyper-focused targeting of one core city or area.
      • Custom Setup by Google Expert
      • Search, Display & Remarketing
      • Conversion Tracking Setup
      • Dedicated Account Manager
      • Fortnightly Meetings
      • Monthly Report
      • $199 Set-Up Fee
      •  Up To 3 Campaigns
      • Landing Page Creation or Website Optimization Available (Additional Fee Applies)
  • 1500 $ monthly
    • Our REGIONAL package typically includes expanded targeting of up to three core cities or areas.
      • Custom Setup by Google Expert
      • Search, Display & Remarketing
      • Conversion Tracking Setup
      • Dedicated Account Manager
      • Fortnightly Meetings
      • Monthly Report
      • $499 Setup Fee
      •  Up To 5 Campaigns
      • Landing Page Creation or Website Optimization Available (Additional Fee Applies)
  • 2500 $ monthly
    • Our NATIONAL package includes hyper-focused targeting of an entire State or a select market all across Australia.
      • Custom Setup by Google Expert
      • Search, Display & Remarketing
      • Conversion Tracking Setup
      • Dedicated Account Manager
      • Fortnightly Meetings
      • Monthly Report
      • $899 setup Fee
      • Unlimited Campaigns and Keywords
      • Landing Page Creation or Website Optimization Available (Additional Fee Applies)

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