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Gain targeted traffic, have your message heard (for less) and utilise the power of retargeting to scale your ROI and grow your business.

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Hello there, and welcome to our Social Ads page! You’re probably expecting the same spiel offered by every other agency right now, aren’t you?

Guess again!
Nope – we’re not going to bore with any of that. You’ve heard it all before.
In fact, we’re going to be so bold as to say that you’re not even really here for Social Advertising Management.
You don’t REALLY want Social Ads. It’s certainly not on your list of life goals to run Social Ads campaigns, right?
Nope – you’re here because you have a big, hairy, audacious goal, or you’ve got a problem you need solving.


And we think we know know what it is.

If you’re here and you’re the owner of a business turning over at least $1M

you’re likely looking to grow your business to bigger and more profitable, and faster (well, as fast as reasonably possible) – and you want to be able to leave the day to day tasks of making this a reality to someone you can trust.

If you’re here and you’re a Marketing Manager

you might be here because you want a reliable way to supply your sales team with a reliable volume of qualified leads or appointments (and to be able to scale it up or down as they need) – and by bringing in these leads, you know it’s going to make you look damn good.

And if you’re here and you’re a Head of Sales

you might be here because you’ve been forced out of necessity to wear the hat of a Marketing Manager. Maybe your company doesn’t yet have a Marketing team, or they’ve really been dropping the ball when it comes to feeding your sales team the kind of leads they need to simply do their job!

So while you don’t necessarily WANT Social Ads campaigns and an expert team to run them – you’ve decided that you need them to take your business to the next level.


Great call.

Social media was the defining trend of the last decade – and it is showing no signs of slowing down in 2020. Just as the internet fostered a new way of doing business, social advertising has become the new way of marketing and growing your business.
Compared with traditional push marketing methods like billboards, TV and radio, social advertising can HALVE your spend, increase your ability to target those who might be interested in your product or service and present you with reliable data on who bought and why and, even more importantly, who didn’t and why!
Social media was directly responsible for more $50+ billion dollars of sales last year alone. Now, it’s time to get you a bigger piece of that pie.
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why choose ensemble?

Google Ads Experts
social ads experts

We have worked for hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, including legal, accounting, trades, fitness, hospitality and eCommerce. We talk the talk, and walk the walk when it comes to social advertising.

comprehensive process

To ensure your success, we take the time to understand your processes, your customers and brand voice before ever beginning to build your campaigns. Once we have devised the best marketing messaging to target your ideal clients or customers - we execute.

starting from just $1000 per month

Have your social advertising done right the first time around and reap the benefits week after week after week.

Client case studies

Check out some of our client case studies and recent projects to see the kind of work we produce day in, day out.

Trusted by

I've been working with ensemble media for almost a year now across my two psychology practices and my online business - and I can't thank them enough for all their work. I have always run Google ads through an agency and never seen many extra bookings. But my bookings have now DOUBLED in the last year alone! If you're looking for a high converting website and expert management of Google Ads and SEO, I highly recommend ensemble.

Dr. Yuliya Richard Principal Psychologist | Blue Horizon Counselling

Our company have been working with ensemble media for approximately 6 months and we have achieved amazing results as a result of SEO work in that time. They have also helped to set up our digital marketing campaign and have taken a whole lot of stress out of the process for us. We would highly recommend ensemble if you are looking for results, service and a team that really cares.

Melinda Jennison Founder | Streamline Property Buyers

Where do I start, Alex is such a pleasure to work with, I am so thankful for his recommendations with businesses and his web design is out of this world. He commits all the time he has day/night to finish my deadlines and goes above and beyond for his clients. I have seen a huge increase in profit just from working with Alex and I will continue working on many projects with him in future. If you need any web design, Google Ads or SEO - get in touch with Alex at ensemble media!

Amy Williams Founder | LashXtend & Lash Prodigy

Since removing website development from our service offering, we needed to find developer we could trust to send all our enquiry to. Alex and his team are building brilliant world class websites and together with their digital marketing service suite, we know our customers are in the best hands.

Laura Kelly Director | Cybertel

Right from the first Get In Touch enquiry I completed, ensemble media have been extremely responsive to the needs of my business, Break Through Bullying, to ensure that the site created met all the requirements. The media and marketing campaign is essential to getting your business out there - ensemble media are best placed to do this! Thank you Alex for all of your work – much appreciated!

Mel Graham Founder | Break Through Bullying

no lock in contracts. ever.

Take no risk – reap all the reward.

We don’t do contracts at ensemble media – because we’ve never needed to!
All of our Day 1 Clients are still with us, because they don’t have to work with us – THEY WANT TO.
We’ve never done contracts, because we’ve seen what it’s like out there. Every agency wants to lock you into a long term contract for 6-12 months, guaranteeing their income but guaranteeing you NOTHING.

Because we don’t do contracts, we are totally accountable to you and to our work each and every month. And we relish it!

We work on a month to month basis with just 30 days notice for cancellation. And through our fortnightly calls and monthly reports, you can see and decide for yourself if we are doing our job. And we always are.

Our Social Ads Packages

  • 1000 $ monthly
    • LOCAL
    • Our LOCAL package typically includes hyper-focused targeting of one core city or area.
      • Custom Setup by Facebook Expert
      • Conversion Tracking & Pixel Setup
      • Monthly Report
      • Fortnightly Call
      • $199 Set-Up Fee
      • Up To 3 Campaigns
      • Landing Page Creation or Website Optimization Available (Additional Fee Applies)
  • 2500 $ monthly
    • Our REGIONAL package typically includes expanded targeting of up to three core cities or areas.
      • Custom Setup by Facebook Expert
      • Conversion Tracking & Pixel Setup
      • Monthly Report
      • Fortnightly Call
      • $499 Set-Up Fee
      • Up To 8 Campaigns
      • Landing Page Creation or Website Optimization Available (Additional Fee Applies)
  • 4000 $ monthly
    • Our NATIONAL package includes hyper-focused targeting of an entire State or a select market all across Australia.
      • Custom Setup by Facebook Expert
      • Conversion Tracking & Pixel Setup
      • Monthly Report
      • Fortnightly Call
      • $899 Set-Up Fee
      • Up To 15 Campaigns
      • Landing Page Creation or Website Optimization Available (Additional Fee Applies)

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